Monday, October 11, 2010

Aaliyah vs. Beyonce



Now I'm sure that most of you have heard of the Illuminati and their agenda. I just want to make it known that I do not believe every theory that has been created due to this highly sensitive subject. But there are some theories that makes a great deal of sense because they were bible based theories. Now some of you may say that the bible is one huge metaphor, some may say that a guy became bored and just decided to write a book, some may even say that the bible itself is a conspiracy because it only tells bits and pieces of the whole whole truth. But there is one thing that no one (not even atheists) can deny about the bible, and that is the fact that all of the prophecies foretold in the New Testimate are finally coming into existence right here in America's back door......

For now, lets stick to the music industry. I will go into more detail of the beginning of this "end" that has been bestowed upon us weak little humans with a post entitled "America: Love Never Lived Here".

Since the 90's, we have been losing musicians that attempted to bring the world to love one another no matter what the physical, spiritual, or financial differences may be. The 3 musicians whom we have lost that stands out to me the most are 2pac, Michael Jackson, and Aaliyah. These 3 stand out to me the most because it seems that they have all been put here on earth for the exact same reason (3 styles, same reason). They all had 3 different styles and when you put those 3 different styles together, you grasp the attention of nearly the whole world.

I do not want to cram all three of these wonderful people into one post thus I will take it one post at a time.

Aaliyah's up first!

Aaliyah vs. Beyonce

Can you tell of anything ironic just by looking at the title "Aaliyah vs. Beyonce"? Lets take a closer look at the names.

"Aaliyah", meaning highest most exalted one vs. "Beyonce", meaning one who is beyond others (Two women wanting to be the best. There's only enough room for one). Here is where the Illuminati strikes. These two young ladies were friends once upon a time. Aaliyah, being older and having more experience literally paved the way for Beyonce's stardom. I know that all of you Beyonce fans may become upset but it's the truth. Open your eyes and see things for what they really are and not what they appear to be. I say Aaliyah paved the way for Beyonce because before Aaliyah passed away in the plane crash, she was modeling, singing, dancing, and acting: quadruple threat! She was set to play Jada Pinkett Smith’s role in The Matrix. She was also set to play as “Sister” in the remake of the classic movie, “Sparkle”. Is Beyonce NOT following Aaliyah’s footsteps? Lets take a closer look at the similarities. Here’s a look at the “Sparkle” dvd cover:

spkl “Sister” (the character Aaliyah would have been playing) is the tallest one on the far left hand side.

LOOKS LIKE YOU’VE SEEN THIS COVER BEFORE?…..Well lets take a look at the “Dreamgirls” dvd cover:




Do you need more proof that Beyonce is literally taking Aaliyah’s dreams away from her?? Here’s more:

Aaliyah did an interview in Paris just weeks before she died and she talked about all of her dreams that she wanted to fulfill. Here is a quote

“One day I will travel to Egypt. I will be there, were Cleopatra and the pharaoes lived. Unfortunately I can't meet them anymore. If I had a time machine I would visit the ancient Egypt. Who knows, perhaps Cleopatra and me would become very good friends. At least I would have a live experience of that ancient culture which I only know from books.
My books about Egypt are sacred. I use to read every story about Egyptian kings and queens. Sometimes I watch just the pictures. I dream to stand in front of these imposant buildings. Or I make a movie in Egypt. My favourite character to impersonate is Cleopatra. If there will be a remake of that movie I will apply for this character immediately!”

Did Beyonce’s character not play as Cleopatra in Dreamgirls? YES she did! Need I say more?? I will anyways! Here’s another quote from Aaliyah’s last interview in Paris:

“Next I want to let come true another dream, no, two dreams. I will design clothes and accessories together with a friend.”

Is Beyonce not designing clothes and accessories?? YES she is!!

Aaliyah was gaining fans from all over the world so the Illuminati saw her as a “green light”. They wanted her to join them, but she refused. Anyone who refuses the Illuminati will reap a tarnished image (Michael Jackson, DMX) as a warning, then the next step is death. Aaliyah associated with Freemason members, Jay-Z, and Dame Dash. She was actually engaged to Damon Dash, but sadly, he did not love her. He had a girl knocked up during their engagement. And shortly after Aaliyah passed away, he married his receptionist. Talk about a downgrade!

Aaliyah began to gain more knowledge of the Illuminati and the Freemasons by association because, as I stated earlier, she was engaged to one of them. The more knowledge she gained, the more she realized that her life may be in danger. Aaliyah was planning against the Illuminati. Dame was not the sweet guy to her that the pictures make him out to be. He was very possessive and he scared Aaliyah. Whenever you can, take a moment to read the lyrics from a song on her last, self titled, album called “What if” and another called “I refuse”. (You will be shocked)….Now back on topic:

Weeks before Aaliyah’s death, in the same interview in Paris, she mentioned a different type of dream. Here is what she said:

“It's dark in my favourite dream. Someone is after me. Don't know why. I got fear. Then, suddenly I lift off. I fly away. Far away. How do I feel now? It is like swimming in the air, free and without any weight. No-one can reach me. No-one can touch me. It' s a wonderful feeling.”

The “Someone” that is after her is the Illuminati and I believe that the sudden lift off that she speaks of represents death but she is still unaware. Weeks later, Aaliyah’s plane crashes in the Bahamas and she is gone. Right after Aaliyah’s death, Jay-z came out with a remix of Aaliyah’s song, “I Miss You”. In the song he said “you used to read ‘Seat of The Soul”. Now some of you may know that “Seat of The Soul” is a book about opening your third eye. Once your third eye is opened your intuition is at its highest peak. Could this be the origin of Aaliyah’s “favorite” dream?? Her third eye was opened and she was being warned of something but she didn’t have enough time to put the pieces together correctly. She began recording a song before her death called “TIME” but was unable to complete it. The lyrics in the song went:

It ain't enough hours in a day, to do it all
It ain't enough days in a week, to do it all
It ain't enough weeks in a month, to do it all
It ain't enough months in the year to do it all...

Right after Aaliyah’s “More Than a Woman” video was shot, she got a phone call saying that she had to immediately fly to the Bahamas to shoot the video for her very next single “Rock The Boat”. Is it just me, or does this seem a little strange that this scenario coincides with this song perfectly? Not enough time to do it all Baby Girl….not even enough time to complete a song about not having enough time. I believe that Aaliyah wanted to reveal something in this song just as Michael Jackson was planning to reveal something at his very last concert.

Aaliyah either did not want to join the Illuminati or wanted OUT of it. So they found someone else that would follow the program, Beyonce. But first, they would have to get rid of the competition, Aaliyah.

The Highest Most Exalted One vs. One Who is Beyond Others.

                                    Dame vs. Jay-Z

                                TO BE CONTIUED…….